How To Easily Report And Cancel Policies or Wrongful Deductions on The E-Payslip without Visiting any Office

Most teachers have been suffering from wrongful/Over deduction whenever payslips are ready.

This article is in the right direction to help you cancel a policy or a wrongful deduction on you your E-Payslip without visiting any office.

The steps or procedures are to guide you to report and cancel wrongful deductions on the E-Payslip without involving any middle man or even your IPPD Coordinator.

How To Easily Report And Cancel Policies or Wrongful Deductions on The E-Payslip
  • Visit the official GoG e-payslip platform at
  • Close or tap ‘Click here to continue’ on the pop-up that shows at the interface.
  • Enter your Staff ID
  • Enter your Password
  • Enter the confirmation code as it is shown under your password
  • Click Login
  • Click skip on the pop-up that shows when you log in to your account (there will not be anything if you have already undertaken the survey)
  • Locate and click on the ‘WRONGFUL DEDUCTIONS’
  • Key in the month and year for which the wrongful deduction/s was/were made on the payslip
  • Click on the Search button beneath the year
  • Now check the item/s or deduction/s you deem Wrong from the list of items by ticking on the left side and state the reason/s why you are ending the policy/policies or referring to it/them as wrongful deduction/s in the comments sections below the page
  • Click on “Submit Complain” button

  • Confirm your response by clicking on “Yes Submit” button
Don’t hesitate to leave a question/suggestion in the comments section.
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Source: Francis Owusu


  1. Hello
    Can I use this same procedure to cancel/stop the Ghs 10 GES SIC LIFE deductions please?

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