Details of University of Cape Coast (UCC) SWITCH 3.1 Bachelor of Education Programme

SWITCH 3.1 Bachelor of Education Programme: Empowering Ghanaian Teachers for Enhanced Secondary Education

Welcome to the latest educational offering in Ghana, the SWITCH 3.1 Bachelor of Education Programme. In collaboration with Ashanti GNAT, this innovative initiative aims to empower teachers across the country by providing them with the opportunity to acquire an additional degree in secondary education. In this article, we will explore the eligibility criteria and benefits of this unique programme that seeks to elevate the quality of education in Ghana.

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Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to apply for the SWITCH 3.1 Bachelor of Education Programme, candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Hold a degree in basic education: Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in basic education, showcasing their foundational knowledge in the field.

Aspire to obtain a degree in secondary education: This programme is specifically designed for teachers who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in secondary education. It offers an excellent opportunity to expand their qualifications and broaden their career prospects.

Diploma and HND holders excluded: Please note that individuals holding diplomas or Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) are not eligible to apply for this programme. However, their passion for education is commendable, and they may explore other avenues to further their professional development.

Who qualifies to apply?

Any teacher from anywhere across Ghana who has a degree in basic education  and wish to have another degree in secondary education. Diploma or HND holders do not qualify to apply.
If you are already at the senior high school and do not hold the requisite qualification to teach the subject you are handling, this is an opportunity to acquire the certificate.

What is the duration of the programe?

Is three (3) semesters in one year. Is a specialisation programme which would afford learners indept knowledge in content and pedagogical skills. There will be teaching pratice aspect at the senior high school under supervision. 

How is the programme going to be organised?

weekends lecture on face to face and a midweek lecture on zoom.

How much will the programme cost?

It starts with the purchasing of the forms for one hundred and fifty-five cedis at the specified banks or through momo to generate your pin for the online application via

Fees per semester ranges between 1500 and 1600 with flexible terms of payment. 

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Study centres for the programme?

We have study centres across all the 10 regional capitals and other centres would be created based on the location of majority of the applicants to ensure the study centres are closer to the students. 
In the interim, these are the study centres;
• Kumasi 
• Accra
• Tema
• Kasoa
• Sefwi wiaso
• Ho
• Sunyani
• Tamale
• Techiman
• Bolga
• Wa
• Koforidua
• Cape coast
• Takoradi
Other centres may be created to ensure conveniency.

Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQ)

I am already teaching a subject at the Senior high school, can i apply to acquire a new certificate in other fields?

• yes and no. Yes if you pursued that course as a minor at the university or it is part of the subjects you pursued at the senior high school level then you can. However an Arts student can not switch to pursue a science programme.

Will students be allowed to major in some areas?

yes, the programme is a specialisation programme. The sciences involves specialisation in physics, chemistry or biology. Home economics involves specialisation in food and nutrition or clothing and textiles. Core mathematics and elective mathematics. 

Is it just a certificate programme?

No, is a full time university programme just that you are being admitted at level 300 to specialise and complete because you have the fundamentals already. Is the reason why it is a three semester programme.  The programme has been fully mounted on the University of Cape Coast platform.  
With any other concerns or questions, use the contacts on the flyer below;

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