JUST IN: Writing of Lesson Notes as 21st Century Teachers is a thing of the Past, No more Writing of it - Minister of Education

The Minister of Education and Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe Constituency, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, has in an interview with Chairman General on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo morning show said that, writing of lesson notes by teachers in this 21st century is something that needs not to be entertained.

He said in the interview that, writing of lesson notes has been in existence for a very Long time and as a teacher, you cannot do away with its preparation because globally, Teachers prepare Notes on a lesson to be taught. (It serves as a guide to the teacher as he/she enters the classroom)

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According to him, The “One Teacher One Laptop” initiative has however made things easier with the reason being that, teachers can now decide to type it on their laptops and submit to headteachers for vetting without necessarily writing it as it used to be.

Henceforth, there is an alternative as a teacher to choose between writing of lesson notes and typing it as measures have been put in place to inform SISOs and Headteachers to either accept a written lesson notes or typed lesson notes depending on the choice of the teacher/Facilitator.

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He further reiterated that, inasmuch as you prepare it on your laptop, there is the need to have a hard copy of your prepared lesson (a print out) to be put on a file.

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Below are sample Scheme & lesson notes for ALL BASICSCHOOL TEACHERS

SCHEME OF LEARNING (Kindergarten – KG 1)

SCHEME OF LEARNING (Kindergarten – KG 2)


SCHEME OF LEARNING (Junior High School)

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