A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a WAEC Examiner - Apply Now

For Registration process to be complete as a new user,  you need to make sure all the following processes have been completed

Sign Up: 

fill the sign up form with the required information and a password will be generated for applicant to sign in. All fields are required for this process. Your log in/ Sign in credentials (A username and password) will be sent to you via sms/email or both

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Sign In: 

Applicant needs to sign in with the password recieved via text message or Email.

Complete Registration: 

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Complete the registration process by filling the form as displayed. The registration form has been organised in
◦ Personal Profile is a required area
◦ Educational Qualification is a required area
◦ Teaching/Working Experience is a required area
◦ Examining Experience is not a required area but a plus for applicant
◦ Bio Data: This requires a passport picture of the applicant and a scanned copy of an introductory letter from your referee
◦ Use the Next and previous buttons to navigate through the reqistration process as required
◦ Agree to the terms and conditions and preview application to confirm all information provided is correct before submitting the application.

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Apply to Mark: 

This is where the applicant request to mark a specific subject by selecting the exam type, the subject and the preference. It is at this piont that an applicant have applied to mark.sign up

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