Payment of Subscription Allowance for Staff of Ghana Education Service: Guidelines for Data Submission

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, after engaging with various stakeholders, has recommended the payment of a Subscription Allowance to non-teaching professionals within the GES. This allowance is specifically intended for individuals who possess professional certificates that are required by GES for maintaining a professional status within the service.

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• Request for Data

To facilitate the payment process, GES is required to submit relevant data to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. The following details and documents are necessary: 
• Name
• Staff ID
• Grade
• Professional Certificate 
• Certificate Number
• Awarding Date
• Institution of Attainment

• Data Submission Process

Non-teaching staff members are advised to follow the instructions provided by GES for data submission. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 31st May 2023. 

There are two possible scenarios for Data Submission 

Availability of data at Regional Education Offices
In most cases, Regional Education Offices possess the necessary data. Therefore, they will directly forward the details of affected staff members to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. If you fall into this category, ensure your regional office has accurate information about you.

• Communication through your school

For non-teaching staff member whose information is not readily available at the regional level, communication will be initiated with your school through the respective Metro/Municipal/District Education Office. If contacted directly, make yourself available and provide the required documents promptly.

NBThe deadline for the submission is Wednesday 31st May 2023, All Regional Directors are to forward it to this email address

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