University Of Ottawa Canada Scholarships 2024-2025 | [Fully Funded]

Looking for Canadian Scholarships in 2024-2025? for your Study Abroad? We have good news! As the interest of higher education rises above borders, the University of Ottawa, Canada proceeds to stand as a reference point for academic greatness and social differences. In a bid to cultivate worldwide ability and make a comprehensive learning environment, the University of Ottawa is satisfied to report the dispatch of its Worldwide Grants and International Scholarship Programs for the year 2024. This activity points to pulling in exceptional students from around the world, allowing them to pursue their academic dreams within the heart of Canada. The University of Ottawa Scholarships and Grants 2024-2025 are announced to a run of budgetary back to meriting universal understudies over Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree programs. These grants and scholarships in Canada are planned to recognize and compensate for scholarly accomplishment, administration potential, and a commitment to making a positive effect in one's community. In this article, we will discuss University of Ottawa Scholarships and grants, its benefits, criteria for apply, degree program as well as application deadline!

University Of Ottawa Canada Scholarships 2024-2025 | [Fully Funded]
About University Of Ottawa
The University of Ottawa, located in the vibrant capital city of Canada, has a rich history that spans over a century. Its evolution reflects the dynamic growth of education in the region and the institution's commitment to providing a world-class learning experience. The university expanded its programs and faculties, becoming a comprehensive institution offering a wide range of disciplines for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree programs. The roots of the University of Ottawa can be traced back to 1848 when the College of Bytown was established by the Catholic Church. Later, in 1866, it was granted university status and became the College of Ottawa.
In the early 20th century, the university underwent significant changes. In 1889, the institution became a pontifical university, and several colleges were federated with it, including the Faculty of Medicine. The university continued to grow, adapting to the changing educational landscape. A major turning point occurred in 1965 when the University of Ottawa became a secular institution, severing its ties with the Catholic Church. This decision marked a commitment to academic freedom and the pursuit of knowledge without religious affiliations.

About University Of Ottawa Canada Scholarships
Ottawa University Scholarships 2024 has been announced, Ottawa University is offering scholarships for needy students who want to fulfill their dream. It has become difficult for international students to live and study in Canada, ottawa university is offering financial aid for bachelor's / undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. programs, microprograms, and short programs. The Ottawa University is a public funded university and it is ranked one of the top most in Canada. The institution primarily focused on providing education in both English and French, reflecting the bilingual and multicultural character of the region.
Host Country: Study in Canadian University
Host University: University of Ottawa, Canada
Scholarships Offered:  Funded By University of Ottawa, Canadian Government and Organizations
Scholarships Benefits: Fully Funded
Degree Level: Bachelors / Undergraduate, Masters, PhD

Benefits Of University Of Ottawa Canada Scholarships
The University of Ottawa offers different scholarships for undergraduate and graduate programs, once the scholars are accepted into programs they will be considered for these scholarships. these canada scholarships will cover their living expenses, food allowance, medical insurance, and academic costs.

University Of Ottawa Undergraduate Scholarships 2024-2025
 1 University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship
 1 The amount varies between 1,000 and 4,000.

 2 French Studies Bursary
1 This Grant offers up to $ 1000 per year to scholars who are admitted in the Faculty of law, and Civil Law programs, and it should be a minimal 4-year program.

 3 Bursaries for Postsecondary
 1 Studies in French as a Second Language This education Provides financial backing of 3,000 to scholars who are enrolled in a degree that's being tutored in French.

 4 Professional Training Scholarship
 1 This Scholarship is Awarded to scholars who enrolled in the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, the Faculty of Education, or the Faculty of Medicine, MD Program( with a maximum of 1,000).

 5 President’s Scholarship
 1 The Scholarship amount is$ 30,000($ 7,500 per year) or$ 22,500($ 7,500 per year) if you're pursuing your law degree through a civil law program.
 6 Chancellor’s Scholarship
 1 The scholarship is worth$ 26,000($ 6,500 annually).

 7 Merit Scholarship
 1 This Scholarship Covers Up to$ 1000 for each term of full- time undergraduate study.

 8 Faculty of Social Sciences Dean’s Excellence Award
 1 The award is valued at$ 1500.

 9 Faculty of Social Sciences Jean Chrétien Scholarship
 1 The award is valued at a minimum of$ 5,000.

 10 Fleur de Lys Admission Scholarship
 1 The value of this scholarship is$ 10,000($ 2,500 per year).

 11 Student Mobility Scholarship
 1 The value of the scholarship is$ 1,000 for one term, and$ 2,000 for two terms.

 12 Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship
 1 The value of these scholarships differs from program to program and is offered to international scholars.

 13 Excellence Scholarship for African Students
 1 Studying in English These scholarships are awarded to international scholars who are citizens of African countries and their value varies according to their study program.

University Of Ottawa Masters Scholarships 2024-2025

 1 Admission Scholarship
 1 The scholarship is valued at$ 7,500 per year.

 2 Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship
 1 This scholarship is awarded to international scholars attending Ottawa University. The amount of the scholarship depends on the degree program you're enrolled in.

 3 Special Merit Scholarship

 1 The scholarship amount and the duration may vary.

 4 Ontario Graduate Scholarships(OGS)
 1 This is a scholarship available to female aspirants. The value of the Master Degree Program is$ 25,000 with a$ 1,000 research allowance.

University Of Ottawa PhD Scholarships 2024-2025

 1 International Doctoral Scholarship
 1 Aspirants that don't admit waivers of tuition are eligible for this scholarship.

 2 Admission Scholarship
 1 The scholarship amounts to$ 72,000 over a period of four years.

 3 Special Merit Scholarship
 1 The scholarship is available to international scholars. Scholarship quantities may vary.

 4 Mitacs Globalink Fellowship
 1 Ontario Graduate Scholarships( OGS) The scholarship is valued at$ 35,000 plus$ 2000 towards research.

Field Of Study University Of Ottawa, Canada
There are hundreds of Degree Programs at University of Ottawa for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Studies! You need to chech below for further details!

 1 There are about 500+ Degree Programs for Undergraduate Studies - Please Check Program List
 2 There are about 100+ Masters Degree Programs - Please Check Program List
 3 There are about 100+ PhD Degree Programs - Please Check Program List
Eligibility Criteria For University Of Ottawa Scholarship In Canada
There are numerous education openings available to scholars at the University of Ottawa. thus, eligibility criteria would vary from program to program and education to education.
 1 Check eligibility criteria then for Undergraduate Degree Programs HERE
 2 Check eligibility criteria then for Graduate Degree Programs. HERE

Application Deadline For University Of Ottawa Canada Scholarships And Grants

Due to the Different types of scholarships offered by Ottawa University, the application deadlines for these scholarships may vary. Please check sanctioned website.

How To Apply For University Of Ottawa Scholarship 2024-2025?
 1 Students must apply online by visiting the official website.
2 There are some scholarships offered to scholars that don't require them to apply independently for these awards.
 3 Each applicant must produce an account online and remember his/ her login ID and word.
 4 Student should fill out the application form for the program they want to study and upload all the needed documents.

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