How Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Are Generically Seen In Africa - Asuman-Adu Ebenezer writes

PWD: Person's With Disability.

Some Person's With Disability today, were physically fit, normal and in good condition like the world describes people without disability.

Some were also born with it.

Sickness, Accident etc, may be some causes of their disability.

In the African Continent, the way Persons With Disability are seen , the perception about them , thoughts about them etc are totally different from the perception of people in the Western Lands.(America, Europe etc)

Who are normally classified as PWD?

  • Deaf
  • Visually impaired (Partial and Total).
  • Albinos 
  • Stammers 
  • crippled
  • People with some part(s) of their body amputated, and many more.

How Are PWD Seen In Africa?

  • Some generic perception Africans have about PWD includes:
  • In Africa, PWD are seen as people cursed by God or gods as a result of their disobedience to God or the gods.
  • PWD are regarded mostly as " white Elephant" generically.
  • They see them as people possessing evil spirit and even find it difficult to get closer to them. They are even tagged as witches and wizards in their families and the society as a whole.
  • Due to their conditions, they are less attended to in public places. Especially during national events they struggle to participate, even an allocated place for them to sit becomes the duty of "an unborn child".
  • Most Africans have the perception that getting closer to them, will result in them becoming disable too.

PWDs are like us

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