|Alert| The Education Directorate to Pursue these group of teachers, Including new and Old Staff of GES

The Ghana Education Service under the auspices of Dr. Eric Nkansah is alleged to have dispatched some officers from the head Office to figure out teachers (both newly posted teachers and old staff of GES) and query them for not reporting to their various schools after the vacation.

The decision to pursue these teachers is as a result of a video where some group of people who are alleged to be part of the newly posted teachers who are yet to receive their staff IDs were spotted spitting not to step their feet into their schools of post until their staff Ids are released.

This has however compiled the Director General of Education to dispatch officers to some targeted schools to pursue and put the newly posted teachers who have decided not to report until the release of their Staff Ids and Biometric Capturing, on the “right path” and have the salaries of the old staff of GES embargoed.

Some newly posted teachers who were recruited in the teaching fraternity in February and its subsequent months have been on media to plead with the involved officials of government and other responsible agencies to release their staff IDs.

Mad Rebecca Bawa, president for the coalition of newly posted teachers had a meeting with GES national council chairman, Mr Michael Kenneth Nsowah, to discuss some issues concerning the newly posted teachers on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

After the meeting, it was concluded that the remaining of staff Ids would have being released before/on Monday (19th September 2022), followed by the biometrics which wouldn’t delay after the release of the staff Ids.

But upon further investigations and encounter with some of these affected teachers, it seems their problems with staff IDs and biometrics still persist as they have still not received any good related news as speculations had it in their last meeting with GES.

Staff Ids for Some of them have been released and even started taking their salaries (with arrears).

Staff Ids for Others too were released and  had the “Opportunity” to undergo their biometric Registration in November which was therefore an indication that they were going to be paid for the subsequent Month, December, with arrears but it will interest you to know that after their biometrics and having their names being appeared and validated on the Payment Voucher for December 2022, had nothing in their accounts when payments were made.

The Saddest part of it all is that, Some of these innocent posted teachers whose names appeared and were validated in December 2022, had their names removed from the PV when validation for January 2023 was ready and needed to be added as “Missing Staffs.


There are some of these teachers too who have not had their Staff Ids, not to talk of biometric registration, Validation and Payments.

The Employer (Government, via GES) and stakeholders involved are therefore entreated to up in their doings to release the remaining Staff Ids and effect payments of salaries for those who have successfully undergone their biometrics.

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