NEWS IN: MoE, GES, FSHS & others, Release a Press Statement on Selection of Senior High Schools on the 2023 Placement Portal

The Ministry of Education (MoE, GES, TVET Services, FSHS and CSSPS) in a press release dated January 22, 2022, is announcing to prospective SHS Students, Parents, guardians and public, that the 21st Century Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM School Placement portal has been opened.

According to the release, the portal gives access to the list of New STEM Senior High Schools included in the 2023 School Selection and placement process. It also provides information on available STEM programs and their career pathways. It gives further details of existing Senior High Schools that would be offering STEM programs during the 2023 academic year.

It further stated that, students with interest in pursuing strictly STEM programs are encouraged to visit WWW.STEM-SSP.COM.GH to select their preferred schools and corresponding programs.

It there important to note that choices made using this portal will take precedence over initial selections.

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