GES Takes a Strong Stance Against Unauthorized Student Clearance Fee Collection, Warns of Teacher Sanctions

Ensuring Transparency and Fairness: GES Takes a Stand Against Unauthorized Clearance Fees

In a significant move towards promoting transparency and fairness in Ghana's education system, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued a crucial directive addressing the alleged collection of unauthorized fees by some heads of Senior High Schools and Senior High Technical Schools (SHS/SHTS). This directive, sent to all Regional Directors of Education, sends a clear message that such practices are illegal and will not be tolerated.

The issue at hand pertains to the alleged collection of unauthorised monies from final year students in exchange for clearance. It has come to the attention of GES management that some school administrators have been requesting these fees, creating an unnecessary financial burden for students and their families during an already challenging time.

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GES management, in response to these allegations, has taken a firm stance against this unlawful practice. The directive issued by Prince C. Agyemang-Duah, Acting Director of the Schools and Instruction Division, states unequivocally that collecting unauthorised monies for clearance is illegal. Heads of schools have been sternly cautioned to immediately cease this practice and to refund any money collected from students.

Furthermore, the directive outlines severe sanctions for any head of school found guilty of collecting unauthorized fees before signing clearance forms. This stern approach underscores the commitment of GES to uphold the principles of fairness and equity in education.

At the same time, the directive does recognize that there are legitimate cases where students may need to be surcharged for damage or loss of school property. In such instances, schools are encouraged to follow established procedures to surcharge students appropriately. This ensures that responsible students are held accountable while protecting the rights of others.

The importance of this directive cannot be overstated. It not only safeguards the rights of students and their families but also upholds the integrity of Ghana's education system. By cracking down on unauthorized fees, GES is taking a significant step towards ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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To further emphasize the gravity of this directive, Regional Directors of Education are tasked with communicating it to all Heads of SHS/SHTS for strict compliance. This collaborative approach ensures that the message is disseminated effectively and that schools across the country adhere to these regulations.

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